Základní informace

Místo realizace Česká republika
Cena projektu € 15.350.000,00
Datum zahájení 30. září 2021
Datum dokončení 31. března 2023
Číslo projektu CZE-B-2020-9-CK

Charakteristika projektu

Due to the demographic development in the Czech Republic and in Europe, which brings with us an increase in the senior population. It is a complex solution to senior issues, including above all adequate pension reform, it is necessary to address the provision of care for the elderly, including housing issues. Because families in today's modern life are usually not allowed to coexist with older people in the way that was common in the past. It is necessary to look for other suitable solutions for generations of seniors that enable a pleasant life and a dignified life.

Purchase of land with an area of 25,000 m2. Brand new building on a green field with the addition of related investments. According to the conditions of the building permit.

It is assumed that the built equipment will be full. It will not be just citizens of the Czech Republic, but citizens of Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany. As it is a place on the border of the three hitherto republics within the European Union.

Furthermore, a group of recreational accommodation facilities with a full service accommodation, meals and leisure activities.

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